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Media Freedom Remains “Severely Restricted” in Russia – Amnesty International

Feb 25 2016

An annual report produced by human rights campaign group, Amnesty International, has condemned the state of human rights in Russia.


Experts discuss the situation in Chechnya

Feb 22 2016

On February 17th, 2016, three policy experts discussed the situation in Chechnya and the implications of the situation for Russian domestic politics.


The Russian opposition continues to endure constant hounding

Feb 16 2016

Recently, the Kremlin has resorted to its standard method of using Gopniki [a pejorative term to refer to aggressive young lower-class suburban male dwellers coming from families of poor education and income – FRF] and Siloviki [security and law-enforcement structures – FRF] to carry out harassment.


On the good side. In modern Russia

Feb 02 2016

At first glance, Putin’s Russia might give one an erroneous impression that the majority of active citizens have already left the country, and those who stayed behind are all packed and ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice.


The federal authorities should respond to Ramzan Kadyrov

Jan 23 2016

Free Russia Foundation supports the statement of Amnesty International regarding the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.