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Aug 14 2015

Even Vladimir Putin’s most passionate defenders do not deny that he now has a personality cult, but even his most committed critics acknowledge that such a cult is not an explanation but rather something that must be explained, all the more so because the Putin cult did not emerge full-blown all at once but rather has emerged and evolved over the last 15 years.


MH17 and what could have been

Jul 17 2015

One year ago marks the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight #17. It departed from Amsterdam en route to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014.


No justice for Srebrenica. Russia vetoed the genocide resolution

Jul 10 2015

Russia vetoed the UN resolution calling to recognize Srebrenica massacre as a genocide.

Between July 11 and July 13 of 1995, Europe witnessed a horrific event in its Balkans region, the worst since the Second World War.


NEVER AGAIN? OR OVER AND OVER… Russia celebrates the Victory day

May 10 2015

Yesterday Russia solemnly celebrated the 70th anniversary of the victory in the most horrible and deadliest war in its history. That war took millions of lives, destroyed half of Europe, and completely changed the world order, affecting everyone’s life and outlook in some way.


Call to cancel Dugin’s presentation at Texas A&M Univesity

Apr 24 2015

Free Russia Foundation calls for the cancellation of the  presentation of notorious Russian ultra-nationalist  Alexander Dugin at Texas A&M University.