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Russia’s regional elections: who is to blame and what to do

Sep 17 2015

Democratic Coalition campaign manager Leonid Volkov summarized the results of the election campaign into the Kostroma Oblast Duma in the following way: “We received 4% in Kostroma, 1.5%-2% in county centers, and almost nothing in the countryside”. In total across the oblast, the party Parnas, on behalf of which the candidates from the opposition forces were running, received 2.28%.


Holiday of Obedience or Imitation of Regional Elections in Russia

Sep 14 2015

The regional elections that took place yesterday (September 13, 2015) in many Russian regions did not surprise anyone. With the exceptions of Kostroma, where the democratic coalition was allowed to campaign, or Irkutsk with the surprised results and the second round of elections to follow, most of the elections were not competitive as usually.


Putin’s new hostages

Aug 25 2015

Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko were singing the Ukrainian anthem when their trial was over.


Independence carries a high cost

Aug 24 2015

To be honest, neither August 24, Ukraine Independence Day, or June 12, Russia Independence Day, carried much importance for me.



Aug 14 2015

Even Vladimir Putin’s most passionate defenders do not deny that he now has a personality cult, but even his most committed critics acknowledge that such a cult is not an explanation but rather something that must be explained, all the more so because the Putin cult did not emerge full-blown all at once but rather has emerged and evolved over the last 15 years.