Free Russia Foundation Launches #NoToWar Campaign
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Prosecutor-General’s Son Implicated in Corruption – Alexei Navalny

Dec 03 2015

An investigation published by anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny’s Anticorruption Foundation (FBK) alleges the Russian Prosecutor-General’s son is implicated in corrupt business dealings.


Yet Another Nationalist Spat: Russia and Turkey back at odds

Nov 27 2015

For centuries, the Russian Empire and Ottoman Empire fought each other, Russia usually emerging victorious The rivalry stretches back to the 1500s when the first Russo-Turkish War took place in 1568.  More

LGBT Rights: Ukraine inches forward, Russia stays in the dark

Nov 17 2015

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) has passed a law banning discrimination in the workplace related to sexual orientation. It was the last and most controversial law to pass the Verkhovna Rada for the European Union to formally consider allowing visa-free travel from the EU to Ukraine. More

Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom was established in Germany

Nov 13 2015

On Monday, November 9, the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom was established in Germany. It was founded by Zhanna Nemtsova, the oldest daughter of the slain member of the opposition Boris Nemtsov. More

Russian artist sets the Security Service’s entrance on fire

Nov 09 2015

Yesterday night, a Russian activist Peter Pavlensky set fire to the entrance to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) headquarters in Lubyanka, Moscow.