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An In-Depth Look into Savchenko’s Fate

Apr 17 2015

WASHINGTON-April 16, representatives of Free Russia Foundation met only a stone’s throw from the White House to discuss the legal situation now facing Nadezhda Savchenko.


The only Russian MP who voted against annexation of Crimea loses his immunity

Apr 08 2015

In a move that surprised few Russian observers, the State Duma (Russian Parliament) voted to strip away parliamentary immunity from Duma member Ilya Ponomarev.


Our sad welcoming word. The tribute to Boris Nemtsov.

Mar 01 2015

Boris Nemtsov is not alive. He is no longer with us… It is impossible to believe such words. Forgive us if we can’t refer to him in the past tense. Our sense of shock and humanity won’t allow it. More