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Foreign Office #44. The State of Iraq

Newlines Institute senior analyst Rasha Al Qeedi dissects the results of the last election and how the country has changed since America’s invasion.

Foreign Office #43. Once Bitten, Twice Bold

Ambassador Daniels Fried on why the US keeps making the same mistakes with Russia.

Foreign Office #42. How the Kremlin Manipulates the Anti-Money Laundering System

Attorney Jonathan Reich explains how financial safeguards against criminality are being used to target Russian dissidents and exiles from Putin’s regime.

Foreign Office #41. Why the American Right Loves Orban

Hungarian writer Peter Kreko explains how a Central European country of ten million became the lodestar for a new breed of North American conservative.

Foreign Office #40. Our Own Worst Enemy

Atlantic contributor and USA Today columnist Tom Nichols discusses America’s political and cultural dysfunction, and why there may not be a cure.

Foreign Office #37. Crisis and Credibility

Mike Nelson, a U.S. war veteran and visiting fellow at the National Security Institute at George Mason University, discusses the pullout from Afghanistan. And America’s place in the world.

Foreign Office #39. The Geopolitics of the New Afghanistan

A scholar and expert on Afghanistan Kamran Bokhari explains how various countries will respond to the Taliban takeover, and what to do about ISIS-K.

Foreign Office #38. ISIS-K and the Taliban: It’s Complicated

Former US Army intelligence officer Michael Pregent on the terrorist threat from Afghanistan in the wake of two horrific suicide bombings.

Foreign Office #36. America’s Abandoned Allies

Journalist and author Wesley Morgan explains how Afghans integral to the U.S. war effort have been left to a grim fate in a Taliban-run country.

Foreign Office #35. Afghanistan, Before and After the Americans

Afghanistan scholar and professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School Thomas Johnson explains how America bungled its longest war.

Foreign Office #34. Why Vladimir Milov Is Optimistic

Russia’s former deputy energy minister discusses the political situation in Russia, and why Putin isn’t as strong as he looks.