Free Russia Foundation Launches #NoToWar Campaign

DC – Kleptocracy Archive Launch

Hudson Institute,  1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,  Suite 400 Washington, DC 20004

Hudson Institute will launch the Kleptocracy Archive, an online database of thousands of primary source documents showing the malfeasances of corrupt authoritarian regimes.


More than a year in the making, the Kleptocracy Archive will debut documents pertaining to individuals and corporate entities primarily from Russia and Ukraine. Each profile features a short biography and document folders including press reports, business records, banking details, and legal cases. This information has never before been collated into a comprehensive and easily accessible resource.

Public concern about kleptocracy has never been stronger. The Kleptocracy Archive is a powerful new resource for journalists, law enforcement, legislators, policy executives, scholars, and anyone interested in the threats posed by kleptocratic regimes. 

Featuring experts:

Charles Davidson,
Executive Director, Kleptocracy Initiative, Hudson Institute

David Satter,
Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Karen Dawisha,
Walter E. Havighurst Professor of Political Science, Miami University

Glenn Simpson,
Senior Fellow, International Assessment and Strategy Center

This event will be live streamed on Hudson’s homepage.