Jun 24 2023

Free Russia Foundation Statement on the Situation in Russia

Jun 21 2023

How independent media emerge and change during the war in Ukraine

Dec 15 2022

Activists Face Violence, Torture and Threat of Imprisonment for Six Years for Poetry Recitation. The Case of Poets Nikolai Daineko, Artyom Kamardin and Yegor Shtovba

Oct 31 2022

Up to 10 Years in Prison for Comments on Social Media on War Crimes in Bucha and Irpen. The Case of Gregory Vinter

Oct 20 2022

“The Fundamental Commandment is ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’, There Shall be No War.” The Case of Priest Ioann Kurmoyarov

Aug 03 2022

“If It Were Open and Accessible, the Information About What is Happening in Ukraine Would Simply Overwhelm Russians”

Jul 21 2022

Up to 10 Years in Prison for Having a Personal Opinion: The Case of Journalist Sergei Mikhailov

Jun 30 2022

Five to Ten Years in Prison for Anti-War Price Tags: The Surreal Case of Aleksandra Skochilenko

Jun 10 2022

“And there will be a dawn, too. The night, as we know, is darkest just before the sunrise.” The case of Vladimir Kara-Murza 

May 09 2022

Ukrainian Journalist in Crimea Framed with a Grenade Plant, Arrested, Tortured and Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison. The Case of Vladislav Esipenko

Apr 05 2022

Russia Jails Opposition on Fabricated Drug Charges: the Case of St. Petersburg Politician Maxim Reznik

Mar 29 2022

“It Was Not Alexei Who Was Sentenced Today, But the Whole Russia”

Mar 28 2022

In Memory of Yana Sedova

Mar 24 2022

4 Years in Prison for Hitting a Riot Policeman’s Helmet: the Case of Evgeny Yesenov

Mar 07 2022

Activist is Jailed in Russia for Opposing Lukashenka regime. The case of Vadim Duboisky

Feb 16 2022

Three Years in Prison for Pepper-Spraying the Air: the Case of Pavel Grin-Romanov

Feb 01 2022

Konstantin Lakeyev, a 20-year-old TikTok-blogger from Moscow, “Threw a Snowball at the Car and Kicked it Several Times.” His Punishment is Three Years in Jail

Jan 24 2022

12 Years in Prison for Running a Telegram Channel: The Case of 24-Year-Old Belarusian Yana Pinchuk

Jan 20 2022

The Kremlin’s Vicious Attack on Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Arrest of Dmitriy Yarchak

Jan 06 2022

When Bumping into a Police Officer is Considered ‘Assault’: The Case of Olga Bendas

Dec 24 2021

Russia’s Greatest National Security Threat: a 70-year-old Grandmother

Dec 17 2021

Five Years in Prison for A 21-Year-Old Student: The Case of Sayd-Muhammad Dzhumaev

Dec 02 2021

FRF 7-year anniversary

Nov 16 2021

Pyotr Verzilov, Russian Activist and Journalist, Has Been Added to Russia’s Wanted List for Holding Canadian Citizenship

Nov 11 2021

“Utterly Absurd”. Prison Sentence For Sharing Rammstein’s Video: The Case of Andrey Borovikov

Nov 09 2021

Prison Time for Two Tweets: The Case of Pavel Zelensky

Nov 08 2021

Torture of Alexei Navalny. Former inmates disclose details of abuse of the Russian opposition leader

Aug 04 2021

Running on empty: former energy executive remains in prison on scant evidence

Jul 29 2021

Six years of prison for donating money to Muslims in need: The Case of Georgy Guyev

Jul 22 2021

Six years in prison for a Facebook post: The Case of Darya Polyudova

Jul 15 2021

A Crimean Tatar faces life in prison for his religious beliefs and non-violent civic activism: The Case of Emil Ziyadinov

Jul 08 2021

A 19-year-old Chechen abducted and tortured at the government’s command: the case of Salman Tepsurkaev

Jul 01 2021

Two years in prison for shielding a child from assault: The case of Valery Yevsin

Jun 30 2021

The Pandemic: Anti-Western rhetoric and information campaign by the Kremlin-controlled Russian media

Jun 24 2021

Opposition leader and activist faces six years in prison for a Facebook repost: the case of Andrei Pivovarov

Jun 18 2021

A crimean tatar faces 20 years in prison for his ethnicity and religious beliefs: the case of Vadim Bektemirov

Jun 10 2021

Young journalists face three years in jail for supporting students during peaceful protests: the case of DOXA

Feb 10 2021

The Kremlin’s Social Media Influence Inside the United States: A Moving Target

Feb 06 2021

Navalny, “Nationalism”, and Never-Ending Reflexive Control

Feb 02 2021

Free Russia Foundation condemns in strongest terms today’s court sentence announced to Alexey Navalny

Dec 07 2020

Aquarium Leaks. Inside the GRU’s Psychological Warfare Program

Aug 26 2020

Free Russia Foundation Statement on Kremlin’s Interference in Elections in Georgia

Aug 20 2020

Free Russia Foundation Calls for Investigation into Alexey Navalny’s Poisoning

Aug 12 2020

Free Russia Foundation Statement on the Crisis in Belarus

Jun 09 2020

The Fate of Crimean Tatars in the Aftermath of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Apr 22 2020

Virtual Protests in Russia “Dispersed” by Government-Controlled Yandex

Image by Tobias Lindner from Pixabay
Apr 09 2020

Who Is Behind the Renewed Effort to Push Nord Stream 2 on Europe?

Apr 03 2020

Politics in the Regions: The Reasons for Decline and Paths to Rebirth

Aug 02 2019

#MoscowElectionCrisis – Appeal to the World Leaders

May 29 2019

Russia scenarios 2030

Nov 28 2018

Azov Sea Conflict: what happened and how to react

Mar 28 2017

Meeting of Marina Litvinenko and Congressman Albio Sires. March 2016

Oct 28 2016

The presentation of two reports by FRF and Berlin’s DPAG (Ilya Yashin’s “A Criminal Russia Party” and Ilya Zaslavskiy’s “The Tsar and his Business Serfs.” October 2016

Jun 28 2016

Discussing latest developments in Russia with Senator McCain, June 2016

Jun 13 2016

FRF and FPI Hill Briefing: Are Russia Sanctions Working? Rayburn House building, June 13, 2016

Jun 09 2016

The joint panel of FRF, Atlantic Council and Institute of Modern Russia “Russia’s Election Countdown,” June 9, 2016

May 23 2016

The joint panel of FRF, Atlantic Council and IREX “The Changing Face of Kremlin Propaganda: Recent Developments and Strategies for 2016.” May 23, 2016

Mar 30 2016

Meeting of Marina Litvinenko with Senator Roger Wicker, Co-Chair of the U.S. Helsinki Commission. March 2016

Mar 25 2016

The joint panel of FRF, Atlantic Council and McCain Institute “Silencing Voices of Russian Opposition.” On the photo: David Kramer, McCain Institute, Marina Litvinenko, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Open Russia, Alex Goldfarb, Justice for Litvinenko. March 2016

Mar 19 2016

Presentation of Ilya Yashin’s report about Ramzan Kadyrov at the Atlantic Council, March 2016.

Mar 15 2016

Marina Litvinenko and Natalia Arno in a meeting with Congressman Paul Cook, R-CA 8th district, House FAC

Mar 11 2016

Meeting with Congressman Chris Smith, R-NJ 4th district, Co-Chair of the U.S. Helsinki Commission. March 2016

Mar 01 2016

A joint presentation of FRF, Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom and Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) of Ilya Yashin’s report “A Threat to National Security” about President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. European Parliament, Brussels, March 1, 2016

Oct 06 2015

Natalia Arno, FRF’s President and Greg Frolov, FRF’s Development Director, meeting with Senator John McCain, R-AZ, Chair of the Committee on Armed Services. Russell Senate building, October 2015