Global Dialogue Program

The dialogue between civil societies, intercultural communication and business contacts forms an essential bridge between Russia and Western countries. 

Sustainability of such dialogue is one of the key elements of European security and the guarantee of European oriented development in Russia. The introduction of sanctions against Russia has resulted in a deeper economic crisis and consistent trend in self-imposed isolation of Russian ruling elites. Such developments have turned Russian citizens and civil society institutions into victims of a new Russian public image. This has ushered in a modern Iron Curtain. The Free Russia Foundation believes that Russian civil society and the Russian community abroad have the same rights to represent Russia in the global dialogue. Therefore we are promoting international civil society collaboration aimed at increasing influence of Russian civil society’s voice on a global agenda and move the country to become a global citizen.

Russia – United States dialogue for global stability

Russia and the United States have a long story of ups and downs in their relations and the crisis we are facing now may become one of the deepest in the last hundred years. However, we all understand that a strong, trusting dialogue between our nations is a core feature of global security. It is difficult to think about official channels of communications now, but cultural and civil channels can be much stronger. We are facing a great challenge to stop the isolation of Russian society, but we believe that cooperation and a level of trust between our nations should survive without dependence on unpredictable political situations.

Russia – Ukraine dialogue for peace

Our nations were living together as brothers and sisters for many centuries and we believe we should overcome the current crisis together, too. The future of Russia and Ukraine depends on us; on the common will of civil societies of both countries and on strong cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian communities around the world.  The Free Russia Foundation primarily focuses its efforts on interaction with Ukrainian diaspora in the United States, and US based Ukrainian charitable organizations.