Sep 08 2020

The Kremlin’s Influence Quarterly #2

Nov 05 2019

The Lubyanka Files. Here’s How the KGB Knew You’d Be a Traitor: an Exclusive Look at Its Recruitment Manual

Jul 16 2019

Russia Is a Country Dangerous for Women

Jun 27 2019

Protecting #FreeSpeech in a post-truth world

Jun 27 2019

The Kremlin’s games surrounding sea lines of communications have becoming increasingly more dangerous

Jun 12 2019

Misrule of Law: How the Kremlin Uses Western Institutions to Undermine the West

Jun 11 2019

Monaco’s Minister of Justice implicated by Kremlin’s oligarch

Jun 11 2019

The curious case of Suleyman Kerimov in France

Jun 10 2019

The Invisible Hand: how and when the Kremlin interferes in elections in Europe