#PutinKills Lieutenant Commander Dmitry Murachev

Sep 23 2015

“It is sad and painful to write about those who left us already leaving just memories and pain in the eyes of relatives and friends.

One year ago we saw each other at his daughter Natasha’s birthday party. Children were playing, reading poems, and Dima kept taking pictures of the kids. Vacations were almost over; the last vacations for him. It is like he felt it. He tried to finish renovation in his apartments, packed his days with tours, visited museums. He had such a passion for life.

On the Kursk submarine, Dima was the commander of energy facilities. The Kursk nuclear reactor was shut down properly. He has paid in full his duty for his Motherland. Whether the government will do the same for the widows and their children – time will tell. So far the boys, even dead, are at their posts.

You will stay in our hearts forever.” – From memoirs of D. Kucherenko, Dima’s friend

On August 12, 2000, the Kursk submarine sank in the Barents Sea during a massive Russian Navy summer exercise. It was the first military exercise at such a large scale after the collapse of the Soviet Union. All 118 sailor, officers, and civilian contractors on board were killed.

Two explosions occurred on the submarine were registered by nearby ships, and the second was powerful enough to register by seismographs even in Alaska.

The Russian Navy didn’t recognize the submarine had sunk for more than six hours. It took 16 hours to locate the sunken vessel. The Russian government mislead and manipulated the public and media, and refused international help. The assistance from the UK and Norway was accepted only on the fifth day of the rescue operation. On the seventh day, Norwegian divers finally opened a hatch of the ship and found it flooded. Analysts later concluded that 23 sailors had survived the initial explosions for more than six hours.

The Russian Navy tried to cover-up the accident and offered a variety of reasons for the submarine’s sinking including blaming it on a collision with a NATO ship. However, the most cynical explanation was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin in “Larry King Live” show (“It sank”)


Russian President and Commander in Chief Vladimir Putin was vacationing on the Black Sea when the Kursk tragedy happened. #PutinKills – because he didn’t care about people’s lives. He unwillingly interrupted his leisure time to deal with the issue. His Navy wasn’t ready for the rescue operation. Everything was done slowly and in an inefficient manner. There were endless cover-ups and lies. Putin blamed the media in discrediting Russia and used the tragedy to continue his attack on the independent media.

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