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Yaroslav Samoylov

Russia-Turkey Relations in the Context of War in Ukraine

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, Moscow has been deepening its ties with Ankara. Turkey, in its turn, has been sending contradictory signals: on the one hand, making statements in support of Kyiv, and on the other, taking practical steps to expand relations with Moscow. What should the United States expect of this convoluted relationship triangle?

Vladimir Milov

A Case for Supporting Free Democratic Russia

The paper argues that Russia’s democratization is based on genuine bottom-up public demand for democracy

Sergey Aleksashenko

The dust has settled. The Russian economy and sanctions: Who’s who?

In the few months following the start of its war on Ukraine, Russia became the most sanctioned nation in the world. The total number of sanctions levied against Russia is currently estimated at 11,000

Vitaly Venediktov, Alexander Solovyev

Russian exiles: the price of freedom

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, tens of thousands of Russians have fled the country as a result of their anti-war, anti-Putin views.

Yaroslav Samoylov

Russia’s Friends in Turkey

This report examines political and military factors  supporting the ongoing rapprochement in the Russo-Turkish relations.

Alexander Kynev

The Changing Demographics of The State Duma

This analysis builds on the 2016 study of the Russian State Duma composition which uncovered a significant increase in the number of members representing the public sector and former heads of municipalities

Free Russia Foundation

The Kremlin and the 2021 Bundestag Elections

Attempts to Influence the Outcome
and Create Instability