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Russia’s 2023 Electoral Dynamics. War and Presidential Anticipation

“Many will be surprised to hear it, but there are still elections ,” — Alexey Navalny

Free Russia Foundation

Russia’s War in Ukraine: Filtration and Forced Relocation of Civilians Constitute Gross Violations of International Law

In a joint effort with The American Bar Association Center for Human Rights (ABA/CHR) and The Center for Civil Liberties (CCL), Free Russia Foundation (FRF) is proud to announce the release of this comprehensive report

Pierre Vaux, Michael Weiss

Vile Bodies: How Fascists, Cultists and Spooks Spearheaded Russia’s War on Ukraine

This report exposes the true motivations behind Russia’s actions in Ukraine and provides critical insights into the role of far-right elements within the Russian state

FRF Brussels Think Tank

War and Deported Ukrainian Children

The Issue, Response of Ukrainian Civil Society and Government, Contribution of Russian Civil Society, and Way Forward

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Effectiveness of U.S. Sanctions Targeting Russian Companies and Individuals

This report evaluates the effectiveness of U.S. sanctions targeting Russian companies and individuals using the detailed trade data from 2021-2022 compiled by the Federal Customs Service of Russia

Richard Giragosian

The Decline & Demise of the Armenian-Russian Relationship

In recent months, the context of the Armenian-Russian relationship has been dramatically transformed. After a sustained period of decline, the strategic partnership between the two countries has now reached its lowest point

The evolution of presidential powers in the post-Soviet space: Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan

For nearly three years already, the Day of the Russian Constitution has ceased to be a day that brings joy