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Vasiliy Zharkov, Nikolay Petrov

The Transition Project: Scenarios for Democratic Transition

Under what circumstances could the collapse of Putin’s regime occur, what will replace it, and under what conditions is a turn to democracy possible?

Vasily Gatov, Vadim Grishin

Role of International Organizations

What might be the role of international organizations after the change of power in Russia?

Sergey Guriev, Vladimir Milov

The Transition Project: Decentralization of the Economy

Economic reforms will be an important component of the decentralization of power in Russia

Irina Busygina, Mikhail Filippov

The Transition Project: Devolution of Power

To avoid a return to another version of Putin’s model of the state, the post-Putin model must create and maintain a state that is both strong and limited, not only by institutions, but also by active public participation

Free Russia Foundation

War Economy, War Society – How Strong Is Putin Really?

How far can Putin go in militarizing Russia? What are the weaknesses of his approach?

Vasily Gatov

The Transition Project: The Importance of Timing

When, sooner or later, events occur that could restart the process of democratic transit in Russia, potential future reformers will inevitably be faced with the question “where to start?” and one can only hope that it will be accompanied by the question “how to avoid making new mistakes?”

Vasiliy Zharkov

The Transition Project: Russia at Peace with the World

Russia’s position on the world map is such that it cannot but play a key role in international politics. It is all the worse for it that this role in recent years has been exclusively negative and harmful to the existing world order