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The Pandemic: Anti-Western rhetoric and information campaign by the Kremlin-controlled Russian media

Today, it is hard to say whether the unraveling COVID-19 pandemic provided the reason for the Russian government to dust off their old textbooks, but the spread of the disease beyond China’s borders served as the occasion for the Russian propaganda to open a new “front” in the information war.

Maria Snegovaya

Disinformation, Euroskepticism and pro-Russian Parties in Eastern Europe

What social groups support pro-Russian parties in Eastern Europe? This paper demonstrates that pro-Russian parties in Eastern Europe tend to have electorates with significantly more Euroskeptic attitudes than voter bases of mainstream parties.

Anton Shekhovtsov

The Kremlin’s Influence Quarterly vol.3

The third issue of The Kremlin’s Influence Quarterly focuses on the malign influence of Putin’s regime in the areas of politics, media, as well as history and culture.

Maria Snegovaya, Kohei Watanabe

The Kremlin’s Social Media Influence Inside the United States: A Moving Target

The Kremlin’s Social Media Influence inside the United States: A Moving Target is a report co-authored by Maria Snegovaya and Kohei Watanabe summarizing key insights of their analysis of social media behavior on Twitter during the 2020 US Presidential elections.  The study scopes out the Kremlin’s malign social media operations in the United States, their key purveyors, platforms and enablers. … Continue reading The Kremlin’s Social Media Influence Inside the United States: A Moving Target

Michael Weiss

Aquarium Leaks. Inside the GRU’s Psychological Warfare Program

In this exclusive and groundbreaking report, Free Russia Foundation has translated and published five documents from the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency. The documents, obtained and analyzed by Free Russia Foundation’s Director of Special Investigations Michael Weiss, details the GRU’s modern psychological warfare program and are dated from within the last decade. The documents include … Continue reading Aquarium Leaks. Inside the GRU’s Psychological Warfare Program

The Russian Orthodox Church’s Isolation from the People

The Russian Orthodox Church—as a social, organizational, and financial structure – is extremely fragile, and may collapse in the near future, argues this report by Fedor Krasheninnikov

Alexander Morozov

Political Crisis in Belarus

In this September 2020 analysis, Free Russia Foundation’s Fellow Alexander Morozov chronicles the unraveling of the political crisis in Belarus unleashed by Lukashenka’s illegal efforts to hold on to power despite a broad national demand for change. Morozov describes the growth of the Belarus protest movement and traces the emergence and evolution of the Coordinating … Continue reading Political Crisis in Belarus