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Anton Shekhovtsov

The Kremlin’s Influence Quarterly #1

The first issue of Kremlin Influence Quarterly looks at malign influence operations of Vladimir Putin’s Russia in the areas of diplomacy, law, economy, politics, media and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Casey Michel

Kill the Messenger: How Russian and Post-Soviet Oligarchs Undermine the First Amendment

How Putin’s oligarchs are working to reshape American society by corrupting its values and institutions, and what can be done to curtail their brutish ways

Anton Shekhovtsov

Conceptualizing Malign Influence of Putin’s Russia in Europe

This paper aims to remedy this shortcoming by providing a comprehensive theoretical framework for analyzing the malign influence of Putin’s Russia in Europe in the most efficient way

Alexander Morozov

Structure of Putin’s Elite in 2020

In January 2020, Vladimir Putin closed the books on the political development of the Russian Federation not only for 2019 but also for the next 15 years.

Egor Kuroptev

Georgia at a Crossroads

2020 is promising to be the year of high importance and big decisions for Georgia. The country will have to decide whether it wants to move forward with its pro- democratic aspirations and incorporate into the Western society or continue growing weaker with no ability to stand against the Russian interests in the country. The … Continue reading Georgia at a Crossroads

Kirill Rogov

“A New Prince”: non-democratic transfer of power in the post-soviet space

In the first part of this work we intend to examine the cases of non-democratic transfer of power in the post-Soviet space, while in the second part we will discuss in detail the mechanisms of the emerging transition in Kazakhstan and possible scenarios of a similar transition in Russia

Free Russia Foundation

Misrule of Law: How the Kremlin Uses Western Institutions to Undermine the West

This report, a tour d’horizon of Russian active measures and subversion campaigns throughout North America and Europe