South Caucasus
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Richard Giragosian

Assessing Russian Power and Influence in Armenia

Russia finds itself in a starkly different geopolitical landscape from even a month ago, with the costs rising dramatically for maintaining its power and position well beyond the conflict zone in Ukraine

Teona Akubardia

Russia’s Growing Influence on Georgia

Report is prepared as part of the Border Zone project

Richard Giragosian

Assessing Russian Power & Influence in Armenia

With the unexpected Armenian military defeat in the 2020 war for Nagorno Karabakh, Russia has been able to significantly expand and consolidate its power and influence in Armenia

Sergi Kapanadze

Georgia at the Crossroads and the Kremlin Factor

In the past few years, Russia has intensified its influence operations targeting Georgia. Since the election of the Georgian Dream party in 2012, its leaders have pursued the so-called ‘balanced policy’ vis-à-vis Russia. The policy shift has resulted in the restoration of economic and trade relations between the two countries, leading to the increase in Russian tourism to Georgia, and other economic developments.