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In recent years, the world is more and more perplexed at what is happening in Russia.  The Russian parliament is adopting more ridiculous, absurd and sometimes inhumane laws. The government introduces the so-called “anti-sanctions” law that hits the average Russian the hardest, not the Western partners, as the Russian leadership declared while adopting them.

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At the end of September, Vladimir Putin will attend the 70th General Assembly of the U.N and has asked to make a speech. He will speak amid the possibility he will be snubbed by his peers for his authoritarian rule and the invasion of Ukraine. The fact that Putin will still go to New York means that he has a trump card and feels there are more political gains than risks for him. We asked Ilya Ponomarev, Russian MP, to give his take on the reasons of Putin’s upcoming visit to the U.N. and recent increased Russian activity in Syria.

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The prolific spread of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) propaganda effort has become an obsession among national security experts, but there is another urgent threat much closer to home.

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We asked several compatriots of different professions about their reasons for moving from Russia to the U.S. What was the final straw that caused it? What in their opinion is the current state of Russian society? Here are some of their responses: Continue reading Putin’s Russia vs. Free Russia: a view from the distance