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In the last Democratic presidential debate, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked the following question: “…You famously handed Russia’s foreign minister a reset button in 2009. Since then, Russia has annexed Crimea, fomented a war in Ukraine, provided weapons that downed an airliner and launched operations…to support Assad in Syria. As president, would you hand Vladimir Putin a reset button?”

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A recent NPR report suggested that Russia is not exclusively supporting forces loyal to Assad. During Putin’s annual conference with the press. In a speech to top military commanders, it was revealed that Russia was assisting “some factions” of the Free Syrian Army. 

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The three Democratic candidates for President of the United States had another chance over the weekend to lay out their plans for US-Russia relations.

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The debate schedule marches on in the United States. On Tuesday, the top nine Republican Party candidates, as well as four less popular candidates, debated each other again, this time focusing mostly on national security and on fighting terrorism.

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On Saturday night, the Democratic Party hosted its second presidential debate. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats have fielded a small amount of candidates. Five candidates took the stage at the first debate; three were present at the second.  Continue reading Democrats mull options for the future of the U.S.-Russia relationship over Syria

Two more debates between the Republican Party’s presidential debates have taken place since attention shifted from Ukraine to Syria. Continue reading Republican candidates reiterate their approaches to Russia

On Saturday, November the 7th, once the biggest holiday in the Soviet Union with the possible exception of Victory Day, the blue and gold Ukrainian flag was everywhere, fluttering in the shadow of Union Station, Washington D.C.’s main train station. Continue reading Genocidal Doublethink: The Kremlin and the Holodomor

On Wednesday night, Americans tuned into the second round of Republican Party debates. It didn’t take long for the simmering tensions between the United States and Russian Federation to be brought up.

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With so many presidential candidates in the U.S., there is a great deal of media attention and public discussion. There hasn’t been too much said about where the candidates stand on relations with Russia, Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian crisis, but we have asked our columnist Kyle Menyhert to take a look at their statements and say what kind of actions we should expect after 2016.

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