Oct 16 2022

29 KGB Training Manuals (1965-1989)

Mostly Russian originals

Feb 04 2021

You Don’t Have to Be Recruited to Work for Russian Intelligence

A classified KGB training manual on “confidential contacts” explores the gray area between informant and agent.

Jan 21 2020

How the KGB Compensated for Perestroika

In addition to its espionage abroad, the KGB was always busy recruiting foreign nationals in the Soviet Union, with an eye to subsequently running them as agents in their home countries

Nov 05 2019

The Lubyanka Files. Here’s How the KGB Knew You’d Be a Traitor: an Exclusive Look at Its Recruitment Manual

The bottom line for spy recruitment comes down to this: look for the losers, especially the ones who want to think they are winners because they hang on to important positions.