Ksenia Kirillova

Publicist, journalist of the New Region

Sep 27, 2015
The UN will let the person guilty of the MH17 crash speak

Russian President Vladimir Putin will head the Russian delegation at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. His speech is scheduled for 28 September. By the way, this is the Putin’s first speech at the UN General Assembly for 10 years.

According to presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, the Russian leader is going to talk about Syria and the fight against ISIS. But Ukrainian experts believe that the selection of these topics is a distraction from the many crimes committed by Putin and his inner circle, including in Ukraine.

One of these topics was carefully hushed up last summer over the pro-Russian militants who controlled part of the Donetsk region, in which the Malaysian Boeing was shot down, killing nearly 300 people, including many children. According to a Ukrainian military expert, deputy chief of the General Staff of the ex-VSU General Igor Romanenko Vladimir Putin is personally responsible for this tragedy.

“It is now known that the plane was shot down by a BUK-M1, a rocket with BUK-M1-2, which has never been in Ukraine. This weapon could only be imported from Russia. Also confirmed is the exact location of the shooting down of the “Boeing” by photos. The Dutch side has obtained from the locals the same camera, from which the photos were made. There are results of soil analysis that accurately records the following use of the missiles in this place. Also obtained are the surnames of the officers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation – the crew of the very BUK, and now a search is being conducted for those who gave the order – up to Putin himself – as well as in Britain there is today a search for the one who ordered the murder of Litvinenko which goes right to the top “- said the expert.

According to him, none of the six countries that initiated the establishment of the relevant tribunal (the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain and Ukraine) have no doubts about the guilt of the Russian side. Another thing is that after the imposition of Russia, this summer Russia vetoed the creation an international court in the UN Security Council. However, the organizers of the investigation do not give up and try to find a way to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“At the next Assembly people may decide to establish a tribunal of the” Boeing “, bypassing the Security Council – but the problem is that the decision of the Tribunal in this case is not important for Russia”, – said General Romanenko. – “However, the state that initiated its creation may individually demand from Russia to fulfil the decision of the tribunal. In the case of Russia’s refusal to fulfil their demands, Russia’s isolation may be exacerbated, and Russia is prepared for huge lawsuits from the affected families in any case.”

At the same time, Igor Romanenko said that Russians themselves unwittingly give their guilt. For example, during a parade in honour of Victory Day, a commentator voiced all the characteristics of the weapons passing through Red Square. However, when the BUK-M1-2 went on parade a deathly silence came over everyone.

“By the way, personally, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov flew to Malaysia. It seems that he is using all possible resources, including the direct bribery of some officials to change the situation “- suggests the general.

A separate issue is the degree of guilt in the tragedy of Vladimir Putin personally.

“As in the case of Litvinenko, if the liquidation order was given by Putin himself, there seems to me that his involvement was indirect. He personally gave the command to install troops and military equipment in Ukraine – without his direct orders there would be no BUK-M1-2   and no military units would be there,”- said the expert. – “For this he must be held accountable.”

Is there enough political will from the UN member states to organize an international tribunal?  We will know in the near future.