The Vision of Russia Program

The Vision of Russia is the flagship program of The Free Russia Foundation.

We are dedicated to solve a number of tasks, such as the establishment of an expert community, written analytical reports on the current Russian agenda and conducting educational events. Our desirable outcome is the development of the future of Russia project. The problems of modern Russia, including current economic and political crisis are not random and have a complex and systematic nature. The problems are the direct result of a corrupt and inefficient government, little market transparency, and the absence of law. Comprehensive global reform is the only solution for these problems. However, this will not be possible under the current political regime. The Free Russia Foundation within the Vision of Russian Program is looking to develop our ideals into a package of reforms and policies. Ultimately this will become the foundation of Russia “After Putin”. This plan will also develop awareness for American elites regarding the strategic importance of supporting a civil society in Russia.

Expert project

Vision of Russia Expert Project is dedicated to establishing the community of experts with a strong background on Russia and knowledge such as economy, political science and law of transitional countries, that could be able to develop the package of measures of reanimation for Russian state and society and help to restore democracy and rule of law.

Educational Project

The low level of interest and fluency of American politicians and stakeholders of Russian and Eastern European issues contributes to weak policies towards actions that abuse human rights and may have a serious threat to the security in Europe and worldwide. The aim of Education project is to deliver information in a timely manner about new Russian agendas to professional, political and business communities through providing analytical reports and organizing events with invited experts on Russia.