Free Russia Foundation Launches #NoToWar Campaign

This #GivingTuesday Give Voice to Peace

Today, Russia-watchers everywhere have one big question on their minds— is Putin about to start a new war in Europe

Over the past few weeks, he has amassed an unprecedented level of military forces and troops along Russia’s Western borders; intensified his anti-NATO rhetoric; coordinated with Lukashenka the abhorrent exploitation of migrants from the Middle East to probe Polish border security and European unity; and demonstratively withheld energy deliveries to Europe entering the cold winter season.

Analyzing Putin’s intentions and logic is futile. His corrupt and incompetent rule is only driven by the desire of self-preservation— even if the future of Russia or even that of humanity is the price.

Putin, however, does not speak for Russia or the Russian people.

To hold on to power, he has gone to incredible lengths— censoring and closing all independent media, sidelining and eliminating all viable opposition, faking vote counts and even illegally changing the Constitution. As a new Congressional Resolution asserts, Putin is not a legitimate ruler of Russia and should not be recognized as its president.

Despite the brutal repression unleashed by the Kremlin against its opposition, domestic discontent is growing.  Russians understand that Putin is on the wrong path; they are increasingly opposed to new military confrontations and they earnestly hope for improved relationship with the West.

Russians want peace.

The plight of the Russian civil society today is urgent. Hundreds of Russians are forced into exile, fearing for their life and safety. Thousands of Russians are facing political prosecution.  Hundreds are languishing in prison as political prisoners. At the time when most charities have closed their Russian programs, Free Russia Foundation remains committed to remain as the lifeline.

Free Russia Foundation works to support these courageous activists advancing the vision of free, democratic, peaceful and prosperous Russia.

By providing them with legal support and psychological counseling, emergency humanitarian aid, housing and fellowship placement, and grassroots campaign training— we empower them to remain in the fight.  This #GivingTuesday please consider making a donation to Free Russia Foundation and help us give voice to the Russian civil society and GIVE VOICE TO PEACE.