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Free Russia 2015

A year when we started the Free Russia

We are committed Russians consolidating our efforts to rebuild freedom and democracy in Russia, defend core human values and rights and restore Russia's path as a global citizen.
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Jun 17 2016

Technology: A means of strengthening democracy in Russia?

On Friday, June 10th, experts in Washington discussed the possibility of strengthening civil society and democratic institutions, which are existent but weak in today’s Russia, through technological entrepreneurship.


Jun 16 2016

Experts Highlight Crucial Role of International Observers at Russia’s Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

On June 9, at the Atlantic Council headquarters, the Institute of Modern Russia, the Atlantic Council, and Free Russia held a panel discussion on the prospects for Russia’s 2016 parliamentary election.


Jun 15 2016

Ensuring a Future for Democratic Civil Society in Russia – Discussion’s Summary

A number of eminent Russian and American experts discussed the ways to ensure a future for democratic civil society in Russia at a long-day conference organized by Free Russia Foundation, and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation in on June, 10th, in Washington, DC.



Jul 17 2016

Turkey’s Failed Coup: A practical analysis

The failed military coup in Turkey, regardless of who actually orchestrated it, will likely have dramatic consequences for the Turkish Republic and its people.



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Aug 25 2016

Sergey Aleksashenko: will Russia’s reserves deplete by the elections of 2018?

Experts and officials constantly discuss the upcoming depletion of Russian state reserves. However, it is not very clear that reserves –fiscal or some other resources, will deplete soon.


Óêðàèíñêèå âîåííûå íà áëîêïîñòó âîçëå ñ. ×îíãàð (Õåðñîíñêàÿ îáë.), â âîñêðåñåíüå, 16 ìàðòà 2014 ã. Óêðàèíñêèå âîåííûå ñòîÿò íà áëîêïîñòó âîçëå ñ. ×îíãàð Õåðñîíñêîé îáëàñòè. Ôîòî Âèêòîðà Ãóðíÿêà / ÓÍÈÀÍ
Aug 23 2016

Russia’s Crimea Escalations Require a Deeper Look

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial last Thursday arguing that the recent escalation of conflict on the border of Russian-occupied Crimea is “a pretext…to pull out of peace talks,” and that these events are the latest indication of Western (particularly the Obama Administration’s) weakness in the face of Russian aggression.



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Civil Society Program

The Civil Society in Russia continually struggles to find the space to truly focus on mission-driven activities.  (more…)


Advocacy for Rights and Dignity Program

Russia is quickly becoming a closed society, with virtually no independent media, rule of law. In addition there are many restrictions on free speech, assembly, attacks on political opposition and minorities. (more…)


Global Dialogue Program

The dialogue between civil societies, intercultural communication and business contacts forms an essential bridge between Russia and Western countries.  (more…)


The Vision of Russia Program

The Vision of Russia is the flagship program of The Free Russia Foundation. (more…)


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