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Feb 23 2017

DC – Remember Boris Nemtsov

Please join us on February 26, 2017 in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. to commemorate Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition politician and an outspoken critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Feb 02 2017

Statement on Critical Condition of Vladimir Kara-Murza

We have learned this morning that our colleague and friend Vladimir Kara-Murza is in a Moscow hospital in critical condition with absolutely similar symptoms he faced in 2015.   (more…)

Jan 31 2017

The Karlovy Vary kleptocracy guide

When communicating with Czechs we often hear that Karlovy Vary is a Russian city, that the population is nearly 90% Russian. The locals have been calling this city “Ivanovka” for a long time, so The Municipal Scanner project decided to investigate how true this nickname is.



Feb 01 2017

If the world blinks, Putin will seize the rest of Ukraine

This will be a crucial year for Ukraine’s delicately balanced democracy and sovereignty. A real danger exists that Russian President Vladimir Putin will scan the new world order and think the time is right to complete his takeover of Ukraine.



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Feb 10 2017

A suitcase full of cash from the Solntsevo Mafia: does Putin have a compromat on the Hungarian leader?

Last week Vladimir Putin went to pay an official visit to Hungary, where he meet Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, one of the European leaders most loyal to the Kremlin.


Feb 03 2017

Russian faux family values: Domestic violence decriminalized in Russia

Russia is known as a country with a high level of domestic violence. There is no official statics available, while the Crisis Centers for Women and other organizations concerned with this issue face serious challenges, when they try to collect data on crimes and violence.



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Civil Society Program

The Civil Society in Russia continually struggles to find the space to truly focus on mission-driven activities.  (more…)

Advocacy for Rights and Dignity Program

Russia is quickly becoming a closed society, with virtually no independent media, rule of law. In addition there are many restrictions on free speech, assembly, attacks on political opposition and minorities. (more…)

Global Dialogue Program

The dialogue between civil societies, intercultural communication and business contacts forms an essential bridge between Russia and Western countries.  (more…)

The Vision of Russia Program

The Vision of Russia is the flagship program of The Free Russia Foundation. (more…)

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