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Jun 10 2017

Results of the contest on an innovation project for activists

One year ago, on June 10, 2016, in Washington, DC Free Russia Foundation in cooperation with the Henry Jackson Foundation and Movements.org conducted a conference “Ensuring a Future for Democratic Civil Society in Russia” on connecting technologies and activism.


May 12 2017

The Kremlin’s Gas Games in Europe: Implications for Policy Makers

Please join the Atlantic Council and the Free Russia Foundation for the launch of a new policy paper, The Kremlin’s Gas Games in Europe: Implications for Policy Makers.


Apr 19 2017

The Free Russia House is now opened in Kyiv

On April 13, 2017 the Free Russia House was first presented in Kyiv.



May 25 2017

The Kremlin’s Gas Games in Europe: Implications for Policy Makers

Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu’s Eurasia Center and the Free Russia Foundation presents “The Kremlin’s Gas Games in Europe: Implications for Policy Makers,” a new brief by our expert Ilya Zaslavsky.



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Jun 26 2017

The Generation of Tolerance and Independence

Many young people came to the protest rallies all around Russia on June 12. There is an increasingly urgent need to understand: what is it that the “Putin Generation” (those who are now 17-20 years old) are protesting against?  What kind of country would they like to live in, what kind of future would they like to have?  And how many are there who want change?


Jun 23 2017

Turning a blind eye can lead to new tragedies

In January President Trump exchanged some harsh words with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull. He was very frustrated, having inherited from Obama the agreement to resettle 1,500 refugees from the Nauru and Papua islands in the US.



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Civil Society Program

The Civil Society in Russia continually struggles to find the space to truly focus on mission-driven activities.  (more…)

Advocacy for Rights and Dignity Program

Russia is quickly becoming a closed society, with virtually no independent media, rule of law. In addition there are many restrictions on free speech, assembly, attacks on political opposition and minorities. (more…)

Global Dialogue Program

The dialogue between civil societies, intercultural communication and business contacts forms an essential bridge between Russia and Western countries.  (more…)

The Vision of Russia Program

The Vision of Russia is the flagship program of The Free Russia Foundation. (more…)

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