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May 24 2021

Lukashenka’s Ryanair Hijacking Proves Human Rights is a Global Security Issue

The forced diversion and landing in of a Ryanair flight pose an overt political and military challenge to Europe, NATO and the broad global community.

May 06 2021

Criminal operations by Russia’s GRU worldwide: expert discussion

Please join Free Russia Foundation for an expert brief and discussion on latest criminal operations conducted by Russia’s GRU worldwide.

May 06 2021

YouTube Against Navalny’s Smart Voting

On May 6, 2020, at least five YouTube channels belonging to key Russian opposition leaders and platforms received notifications from YouTube that some of their content had been removed due to its being qualified as “spam, deceptive practices and scams”.


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Civil Society Program

The Civil Society in Russia continually struggles to find the space to truly focus on mission-driven activities. 

Advocacy for Rights and Dignity Program

Russia is quickly becoming a closed society, with virtually no independent media, rule of law. In addition there are many restrictions on free speech, assembly, attacks on political opposition and minorities.

Global Dialogue Program

The dialogue between civil societies, intercultural communication and business contacts forms an essential bridge between Russia and Western countries. 

The Vision of Russia Program

The Vision of Russia is the flagship program of The Free Russia Foundation.

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