Free Russia Foundation Launches #NoToWar Campaign

Grigory Frolov

Vice President, Programs and Development, Free Russia Foundation

Jan 15 2020

Putin drops a bomb. Or does he?

Jan 02 2020

The Kremlin’s Hostages: Victories, Difficulties and New Challenges

Jan 18 2019

Free Russia Foundation releases a translation of a report on the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare

Oct 01 2018

Natalia Arno

Jun 10 2018

Last Address: a civic initiative to commemorate victims of Soviet repressions 

May 25 2018

Economic stagnation widens gap between Russian authorities and people

Apr 06 2018

U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Putin Cronies

Mar 14 2018

Nord Stream 2: commercial venture or political tool?

Mar 09 2018

Prompt and coordinated action needed to fight disinformation, experts say

Mar 07 2018

Growth unlikely in the weak Russian economy

Feb 28 2018

Boris Nemtsov Plaza Unveiled in Washington, D.C. 

Feb 02 2018

Atlantic Council panel disappointed with “Kremlin report”

Jan 31 2018

U.S. releases names in “Kremlin report,” but classified material raises questions

Dec 07 2017

Washington bill would rename street by Russian Embassy after Boris Nemtsov

Nov 16 2017

How to Identify the Kremlin Ruling Elite and its Agents

Sep 04 2017

Prospects for Russia’s Democratic Movement

Jul 31 2017

Stanislav Shalunov

Feb 24 2016

Russian Refugees in Ukraine: The Broken Hopes

Aug 25 2015

Putin’s new hostages

Aug 24 2015

Independence carries a high cost

Aug 14 2015


Jul 17 2015

MH17 and what could have been

Jul 10 2015

No justice for Srebrenica. Russia vetoed the genocide resolution

Jun 15 2015


May 31 2015

Putin. War. The first presentation in the States

May 10 2015

NEVER AGAIN? OR OVER AND OVER… Russia celebrates the Victory day

May 06 2015

The Bolotnaya case. Three years with no right for justice

Apr 24 2015

Call to cancel Dugin’s presentation at Texas A&M Univesity

Apr 20 2015

Anti-Putin protesters in New York put Putin behind bars

Apr 17 2015

An In-Depth Look into Savchenko’s Fate

Apr 08 2015

The only Russian MP who voted against annexation of Crimea loses his immunity