Call to cancel Dugin’s presentation at Texas A&M Univesity

Apr 24 2015

As we have learned, Texas A&M University has allowed notorious Russian fascist Alexander Dugin to conduct an online lecture on April 29, 2015. Mr. Dugin is unable to attend the event personally as he is on the U.S. sanctions list for encouraging the war in Ukraine and justifying Putin’s dictatorship in Russia. Dugin is infamously known as one of key ideologists of the Kremlin’s imperial, ultranationalist and aggressive regime. One of his books is entitled “The American Empire should be destroyed”. Yet, he is welcome to spread his hate of America among University students. Free Russia Foundation profoundly protests this event and urges President Mark A. Hussey in the strongest terms to cancel this event.

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Call for Action:
Please contact your congressional representatives (Senators and House Members), major news organizations in Texas and the University itself to protest Dugin’s appearance who is a chief propagandist of the Kremlin. Express your deep concern, but we urge you strongly to be polite.

You could find your representatives here:

Send mail or call to the office
of the President of Texas A&M University Mark A. Hussey:

Phone:  (979) 845 2217

Express your concerns via University’s pages at social networks:

Sign the petition at


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