Free Russia Foundation Condemns Russian Government Whose Unconstitutional Actions Led to the Death of an Activist’s Child

Jan 31 2019


Contact: Natalia Arno, President
Phone: +1 202.549.2417


Washington DC, January 31, 2019 – Free Russia Foundation expresses an outrage and condemns in the strongest terms the illegal arrest and detention of a peaceful Russian pro-democracy activist Anastasia Shevchenko which separated her from her three children, and directly led to the death of her daughter. The authorities not only prevented Anastasia from providing care to her special needs child, failed to ensure proper treatment for her daughter while in the custody of authorities, but callously denied her an opportunity to see her child as she was dying in the emergency room. We mourn the tragic loss of Alina, the latest innocent victim of the Putin’s criminal regime.

Charges against Anastasia that led to her detention are based on her serving as a debate coordinator; coordinating educational lectures for voters; participating in pro-democracy meetings; and taking part in a demonstration carrying a sign “We Are Fed Up”. All of these activities are not only internationally guaranteed rights, but are articulated by the Russian Constitution itself.

We call on the U.S. Congress, the State Department and the White House to join us in the condemnation of this horrific crime.


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