Free Russia Foundation supports a protest letter to CFR over a tainted donation from a Kremlin-connected oligarch Len Blavatnik

Oct 09 2019

On 8 October NY Post and Motherjones revealed that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is under heavy criticism over its acceptance of $12 million donation from Len Blavatnik, an oligarch with deep ties with the Kremlin and Russian security services whose wealth accumulation overlapped with multiple corruption scandals around the world.

56 distinguished foreign policy professionals and anti-corruption activists signed a letter to CFR President Richard Haass and its Board of Directors, urging the elite think tank to reverse its decision. The signatories include five CFR members, dozens of former top State Department officials and renowned dissidents and academics. It also includes David Kramer, Chairman of the Board of Free Russia Foundation, and Natalia Arno, Founder and President of the Foundation. The letter was organized by Ilya Zaslavskiy, Head of Research at Free Russia, with the help of Sarah Chayes, author and anti-corruption researcher, and other activists.

Free Russia Foundation stands against reputation laundering and normalization of acceptance of money connected to the corrupt Putin’s regime and advocates higher due diligence standards by all policy-making centers in the West. If you share our concern over oligarchic donations tainted by cooperation with the Kremlin, please co-sign the letter to CFR in the comments to the published letter or simply email your name and title to

Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

Prague to Rename Square By Russian Embassy in Honor of Boris Nemtsov

Feb 07 2020

Prague will rename the square in front of the Russian embassy in honor of the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. The ceremonial renaming will take place on February 27, the same day when the Russian opposition leader was assassinated five years ago. More

Free Russia Foundation – 5 Years!

Dec 02 2019

On December 2, 2019, Free Russia Foundation marks its fifth birthday.


Coalition For Sovereign Elections Calls on the OSCE to Highlight ‘Creeping Annexation’ of Georgia on the Upcoming Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Sep 11 2019

On September 16, 2019, the “Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM)” will take place in Warsaw. More

Conference Review: Strategies to Defend Democratic Institutions and the Rule of Law in the Westand Is Propaganda Protected Speech

Sep 06 2019

Jeremy W. Lamoreaux

Three Requirements for Democracy

The history of humankind has been dominated by authoritarian-type governments, with democracies considerably less common for a number of reasons, three of which I would like to emphasize here. Firstly, democracy only functions properly when the populace is informed and engaged on political issues. In the case of a direct democracy, the executive is directly responsible to, and derives his authority directly from the people. This type of democracy requires the people to be well-informed about laws affecting them, and to participate in the political process to pass and amend those laws.


Moscow and St. Petersburg Candidates Call on the OSCE to Monitor Regional Elections

Aug 22 2019

On 8 September 2019 Russia’s largest cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg – will hold elections, respectively, for the City Duma and municipal councils. More