Greg Frolov

Vice President, Programs and Development

Grigory Frolov is FRF’s Vice President on Programs and Development. He leads FRF’s program portfolio in Europe and Eurasia including aid programs, International justice, and capacity building. He manages network of Reforum Spaces resource centers across the region and covers FRF’s Ukraine and Belarus activities.

For over 6 years Grigory was based in Ukraine and led FRF’s emergency response when the full-scale invasion started in February 2022.

Grigory holds MPA focusing on nonprofit management from Andrew Young School of Public Policy, at Georgia State University ‘16, and MA in Constitutional Law from Russian Academy of Justice ‘12. He is a Fulbright and Muskie scholarships alumni.

He is an alumni of Reigan Fascell fellowship program at National Endowment for Democracy.

Prior to joining FRF, Grigory served as development manager with Civil Assistance Committee and Direct Dialogue program head at GREENPEACE Russia.

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