New movie about Boris Nemtsov launches crowdfunding campaign

Feb 28 2019

Lucy Egisserian, has been working on a documentary to share the story of Boris Nemtsov. A man who knew that continuing to speak the truth would likely lead to his death, but refused to hide or bow down. Please support this important work by donating at the link below, or sharing:

Lucy Egisserian, diector: “We are starting this crowdfunding with the completed film’s storyboard, a trial-run for the finished film. The total budget for the film is $450K. The funds raised in this campaign will be used to produce the first 10 minutes of the film in full production value. These first 10 minutes will allow us to seek the remaining funds to complete the entire film.”

Many prominent people have expressed their support of the documentary – a journalist David Satter, a popular Russia satirist Victor Shenderovich, a famous Russian writer Dmity Bykov and others.

Among them was the Board Chairman of Free Russia Foundation David Kramer:

David Kramer: “This documentary is about the story of a man who was much more than an average citizen. Boris Nemtsov was a courageous and principled leader who wanted a better future for his country. For that, he was gunned down in cold blood, but his memory and his heroic cause will live on, including through this documentary.”

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