Vladimir Kara-Murza to Join Free Russia Foundation (FRF) Leadership as Vice President

Jun 20 2019


Contact: Natalia Arno, President
Phone: +1 202.549.2417
Email: natalia.arno@4freerussia.org


WASHINGTON D.C., June 20, 2019. The Free Russia Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization working to defend civil liberties and human rights in Russia and restore the country’s path to democracy, has announced a new high-profile addition to its leadership team.

On July 1, 2019, Vladimir V. Kara-Murza, a prominent Russian democracy activist, author and filmmaker will join FRF as Vice President to lead the organization’s public diplomacy, global outreach and advocacy efforts.

“I am honored to join this team of committed defenders of democracy and the rule of law in Russia, whose passion is rivaled only by their effectiveness,” Kara-Murza said of FRF. “The Kremlin, for now, has monopolized all aspects of Russian public life at home, but we will not let it usurp the exclusive right to speak on behalf of Russia in the world. There are many Russians who have a very different, democratic vision for our country – and we must make sure that their voices are heard.”

“The Free Russia Foundation welcomes Vladimir Kara-Murza to our great team! We are honored to be colleagues with this outstanding hero and freedom fighter. Together, we will achieve even more in our efforts to push for positive changes in Russia and deter the Kremlin’s malign activities in the world,” FRF President Natalia Arno said of Vladimir Kara-Murza joining the organization.

David J. Kramer, Chairman of the FRF Board, said, “Having Vladimir Kara-Murza join the FRF team makes an amazing organization even stronger and more effective. He is a perfect fit with the vitally important work that Natalia and her dedicated team perform. The Board and I remain deeply impressed by and committed to the work of FRF and believe that the future of the organization will be even brighter with Vladimir in this new capacity.”

Kara-Murza was a longtime colleague of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and chairs the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom. He is a former deputy leader of the People’s Freedom Party and was a candidate for the Russian State Duma. He has testified before Parliaments in Europe and North America and played a key role in the passage of the Magnitsky legislation that imposed targeted sanctions on Russian human rights violators in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and several EU countries. U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called Kara-Murza “one of the most passionate and effective advocates for passage of the Magnitsky Act”; U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) commended him as “a courageous advocate for the democratic process and fundamental universal human rights.”

He is a contributing writer to the Washington Post and has previously worked for the BBC, RTVi, Echo of Moscow, Kommersant, and other media outlets. He directed two documentary films, They Chose Freedom and Nemtsov, and is the author of Reform or Revolution: The Quest for Responsible Government in the First Russian State Duma and a contributor to Russia’s Choices: The Duma Elections and After, Russian Liberalism: Ideas and People, Why Europe Needs a Magnitsky Law, and Boris Nemtsov and Russian Politics: Power and Resistance.

Kara-Murza led international efforts to commemorate Nemtsov, including with street designations in Washington D.C. and Vilnius. He is a recipient of the Magnitsky Human Rights Award, the Sakharov Prize for Journalism as an Act of Conscience, the Geneva Summit Courage Award, the Train Foundation’s Civil Courage Prize, and the Oxi Courage Award. He holds an M.A. (Cantab.) in History from Cambridge.

Natalia Arno, the founder of the Free Russia Foundation, will continue serving as President and Board Member (ex officio) and direct day-to-day operations from its headquarters in Washington D.C.


For more information, please visit the Free Russia Foundation’s website, www.4freerussia.org, or contact Natalia Arno at +1 202.549.2417 and natalia.arno@4freerussia.org.

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