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Vladimir Milov

The Transition Project: Post-Soviet Experience and Russia’s Recent Track Record

We see that Russia has slid towards authoritarianism. Does this mean that the democratic experiment of the 1990s was an absolute failure?

Ekaterina Mishina

The Transition Project: Establishing the Rule of Law

How can we ensure the sustainable rule of law and limit arbitrary power?

Olga Khvostunova

The Transition Project: Restoration of Basic Freedoms

Article 29 of Russian Constitution says: “Everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and speech.” Article 31 states: “Russian citizens have the right to assemble peacefully without weapons.” We see what happens for the realization of these rights in today’s Russia. It should not be like this, and it will not be like this.

Vasiliy Zharkov

The Transition Project: Power Coalitions. Approaches and Likely Composition of Participants in Russia’s Post-Putin Transition

We may not have direct insight into the thoughts and intentions of Russian elites. However, we can speculate on the areas they need to consider for embracing change

Abbas Galliamov

The Transition Project. Securing Support and Buy-In from the Russian People

The organizers of the impending transformations will face a significantly easier task compared to their predecessors in the 90s

Mikhail Krutikhin

EU Imports of Russian Gas

In 2023, the EU was the largest buyer of Russia’s pipeline gas, purchasing 36% of its exports, followed by Turkey (31%) and China (28%)

Natalia Arno

FRF Impact in 2023: Finding Resilience through Crisis

When you don’t know what to do, do the right thing