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Maciej Bartkowski

The case for civil resistance to Russia’s Populace-centric warfare

Putin’s Russia is waging populace-centric hybrid warfare against democratic societies. As such, effective counter-measures to this type of warfare must prominently
involve civilian population highly versed in civil resistance strategies and tactics.

Vladimir Milov, Dr. Andrey Medushevsky, Ilya Zaslavskiy

Constitution and Economy after Putin. A Roadmap for a new Russia

Vladimir Putin’s regime has arguably surpassed the Soviet Union in its artful employment of propaganda. One of the most widespread myths that the regime energetically pedals is that there is “no life” – or any viable political options – after Putin.

Vladimir Milov, Ilya Yashin

Putin Results 2018 – Report

The official propaganda Russia is trying to convince everyone of is that during the years of Vladimir Putin’s rule Russia has “risen from its knees” achieved unprecedented success, influence, and prosperity.

Ilya Zaslavskiy

Corruption Pipeline: The Threat of Nord Stream 2 to EU Security and Democracy

This paper is a continuation of publications on the Kremlin’s subversive activity in Europe prepared by Free Russia Foundation. The first paper, The Kremlin’s Gas Games in Europe, published jointly with the Atlantic Council, looked at Gazprom’s overall current tactics in Europe, including its pipeline plans, energy propaganda, and other policies.

Ilya Zaslavskiy

The Kremlin’s Gas Games in Europe: Implications for Policy Makers

Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu’s Eurasia Center and the Free Russia Foundation presents “The Kremlin’s Gas Games in Europe: Implications for Policy Makers,” a new brief by our expert Ilya Zaslavsky.

Ilya Yashin

The Kremlin’s Hybrid Aggression

Free Russia Foundation is proud to present our new report “The Kremlin’s Hybrid Aggression” authored by Ilya Yashin.

Ilya Yashin

Criminal Russia Party

Free Russia Foundation is happy to present an English version of Ilya Yashin’s “Criminal Russia Party” Report.