About Free Russia

Free Russia Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan,
nongovernment U.S.-based organization with 501 (c) 3 status
that informs U.S. policy makers on events in Russia
in real time and supports formulation of an effective and sustainable Russia policy in the U.S.


We represent and coordinate the Russia diaspora. We pay special attention to those who have recently left Russia due to the considerable deterioration of the political and economic situation.

The Free Russia Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental U.S.-based organization, led by Russians abroad that seeks to be a voice for those who can’t speak under the repression of the current Russian leadership. We represent and coordinate the Russia diaspora. We pay special attention to those who have recently left Russia due to the considerable deterioration of the political and economic situation. We are focused on developing a strategic vision of Russia 'After Putin’ and ‘Without Putinism’ and concrete program for the transition period. We will continue to inform international policy-makers, mass media and opinion leaders on the real situation in Russia. We know firsthand the reality taking place in our country, and have suffered for this; therefore we understand this better than many other people. We maintain our extensive networks of key political, business and civil society leaders throughout Russia. This gives us access to news and events in real time. In addition, we are a hub for recently transplanted Russians and experts on every aspect of Russian society.

Free Russia Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 Public Charity.


Represent and coordinate the new generation of the Russian diaspora in the U.S. and Europe

Provide intellectual and fundraising support to Russia civil society

Provide analytical support to U.S. and European decision-makers and foreign policy institutions

Ensure the flow of information and communication between Russia’s democratic opposition and U.S. and European lawmakers, opinion leaders and NGOs

Offer educational and cultural programs for American, European and Russian audiences


We are a community of concerned Russians located both outside and inside Russia. Furthermore, we are passionate about the destiny of our country and seek positive changes in its political, economic and social development.

We are known within activists networks, by political analysts and to the general public as a new generation of civil society, political leaders and entrepreneurs.

We are successful professionals who have a progressive vision for the future of our motherland.

We are global citizens, with a global perspective. We are also equally familiar with life in the U.S., Europe and Russia.


We are working to improve Russia, as a modern democratic country with transparent public institutions and a strong civil society.

The Russia we want should:

Be based upon the rule of law and respect human rights

Be based upon the principle of separation of powers and the transition to parliamentary democracy

Introduce freedom of entrepreneurship and demonopolization of the economy

Develop the middle class as a political force

Be governed by smaller, stronger and more stable political institutions. These institutions will continue to function regardless of electoral cycles and changes in leadership

Be federalized, with most power devolved to local government

Seek global cooperation and integration with the EU and the U.S.

Carry out a policy of in-depth lustration of the current regime


Natalia Arno

President of Free Russia Foundation

Prior to founding Free Russia Foundation, Natalia worked for International Republican Institute for ten years including six years of being IRI Russia Country Director. In December 2009 Natalia represented Russia in the World Summit of Women Leaders in Geneva, Switzerland.

Natalya Anfilofyeva

Vice President, U.S. Operations

Prior to joining Free Russia, she had worked at three prominent D.C. think-tanks: as Vice President for Development and Communications at the Potomac Foundation working on the transatlantic security issues, with an emphasis on the Baltic region and Ukraine (2015-2017); as Director of Public Affairs at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, where she led outreach efforts to the Pentagon, the U.S. Congress, the media and the defense industry (2006-2015); and as Assistant Director for Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations (2005-2006).

Grigory Frolov

Development Director

Grigory worked for the variety of leading Russian nonprofits including The Civic Assistance Committee, Greenpeace Russia and Golos Association for Fair Elections, where he was responsible for development and external relations. He holds MPA degree from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. Grigory was awarded with Fulbright Scholarship and Edmund Muskie Scholarship. At Free Russia, he manages project development and research, and currently, develops the portfolio of European projects


Stanislav Shalunov

A Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur, a network protocol expert.

He is the creator of Ledbat (an Internet architect who designed the new congestion control in BitTorrent), co-founder and CTO of FireChat, a proprietary mobile app, which uses wireless mesh networking to connect without an internet connection by connecting peer-to-peer

Anton Merkurov

Expert of the Institute for State Ideologies (London, UK), a leading Russian specialist on new media and advanced communication technologies.

Anton was a regional representative of FireChat in Russia. In 2006-2009 Anton was Director of integration at RBC. In 2011 he had his show on new technologies on Top Secret TV Channel. In 2016-2017 Anton served as a consultant for Viber.

Vladislav Inozemtsev

Director of the Centre for Post-Industrial Studies in Moscow

Winner, Politprosvet Prize for 2015, Fellow of Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow and School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University.

Anna Veduta

Global Outreach Director for Meduza, a leading independent online newspaper and news aggregator in the Russian language. Anna is a former spokesperson for Alexey Navalny, a Russian opposition leader.

She graduated from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (MA of International Affairs).